Advent Press was founded by Daren & Sujoya Bullock.  Together, we take care of the day to day stuff!  Basically, that means we do everything!  From product creation and production to picking / packing orders, invoicing and marketing – we are pretty versatile.

Daren Bullock

is always trying and wanting to do more and never gives up!

Sujoya Paul Bullock

enjoys sitting at Jesus’ feet rather than being anywhere else!


The following people, while volunteers are also advisors to the Advent Press ministry.  This means that they help direct and advise us where necessary.  Providing experience and wisdom when making decisions as well as supporting and challenging us to aim higher!  These individuals are so much more than volunteers!  Through their guidance over the years, Advent Press has grown to what it is today.  Thank you!

Mary Barrett

lives a prayerful life and walking with God daily is her aim!  She does this well!

Paul Tompkins

is the most balanced, level-headed and fair person you will ever come across.

Sharon Platt-McDonald

is a health professional, a very special child of God and an exceptional woman of faith!

Paul Lockham

is a family man, cares deeply about people and never forgets to enquiry about your family!

Veronica Williams

absolutely always wants the best for you, while she is praying without ceasing!