2019 was a pivotal year for us… We made one of the most critical decisions that we would ever make!  We decided to strive towards a ‘slave-free’ supply chain.

While attending an anti-trafficking conference in Bangkok, it was a natural move to consider changing the way we do things at Advent Press.   I have been involved in the anti-trafficking space for years, however, everything was coming together at this very moment.  As I heard the story of a young boy trafficked from Cambodia to Thailand who then end up on a fishing boat.  For three years, that’s where he lived, worked and got paid nothing, until one day the boat docked in China.  He escaped and through the extensive network of anti-trafficking organisations fighting this multi-billion dollar business, he was relocated back home.  I cannot begin to imagine the joy he must have felt along side his family, once more!

I was already a part of this extensive team, in a very small way, raising awareness and doing what I could, but I wanted more!  It was then that a small but very audible voice spoke to me.  Right there, in the auditorium!

At that moment, I knew that Advent Press was never going to be the same again.  We were going to become a ‘slave-free’ organisation, fighting Modern Day Slavery.

Returning to the UK, I remember speaking to my two older children.  They are very clued up about Human Trafficking issues and in fact were part of a team who published a book (FREEDOM – NO LIMITS), raising funds to fight Human Trafficking.  I asked them, ‘What do you both thing about our business being ‘slave-free’?  This would mean buying goods from organisations who have a clear statement that they are against slavery.  It would mean thinking twice about every aspect of the business.  It would also mean increasing our price a little, not focusing on price only, but quality and moreso, where the product originated from and who has touched it.  We would lose business and possibly even decline some orders.’

Steffan, my then 10-year-old, said, ‘Wouldn’t that mean we make less money?’  Sure, but…. before I could finish, Sioned, my then, 12-year-old interjected and said, ‘Yes, but it’s the right thing to do!’  

‘Yes, but it’s the right thing to do!’

Now, Steffan may well be right, time will tell, however Sioned was absolutely spot on!

We quickly became members of the Slave-Free Alliance who helped us evaluate how ‘slave-free’ we are.  As a result, we have stopped doing business with some suppliers.  All new suppliers and partnerships must first be evaluated.  Their business model and ethics musty fit ours!

Today, I am pleased to say that I, my family, and indeed Advent Press Limited and all the ministries and businesses that we operate are striving to be ‘slave-free’.  This means that our eyes are wide-open!  We are asking questions and evaluating all the time who we partner and collaborate with.  The decisions we make will partly be driven with a clear intention to end exploitation and Modern Day Slavery.

We are please to introduce to you Modern Day Crimes, the latest addition to our brand.

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Director of Advent Press Limited, a commercial print business, brokering for companies around the world, creating Christian material with worldwide distribution. Daren also speaks about Modern Day Crimes, raising awareness of Slavery and Human Trafficking, the fastest growing crime worldwide!


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