Wednesday, January 22, 2020


The Advent Press team consists of founders, Daren & Sujoya Bullock – together with their three children, Sioned, Steffan and Andreas.  We are the people that takes care of the day-to-day running of Advent Press!

Daren Bullock


Sujoya Paul Bullock


The Kids!


Additionally, the following individuals are not only some of our major supporters and champions, but they give advise, guidance and ensure that this ministry is rooted correctly.  We thank and recognise these individuals as they are volunteers who give of their time freely.

Sharon Platt-McDonald

is a health professional, child of God and a woman of faith!

Paul Tompkins

is the most balanced, level-headed and fair person you will ever come across.

Paul Lockham

is passionate about family and cares deeply about people.

Mary Barrett

lives a prayerful life and walking with God daily is her aim!

Kevin Johns

is an encourager and empowers people without even thinking about it.

Veronica Williams

always wants the best for you, while she is praying without ceasing!